This page is dedicated to helping you overcome driving test nerves and drive to the best of your ability.
The first thing to remember is everyone gets nervous on their driving test: Everyone with a driving licence was nervous to some extent on their driving test, so just accept the fact you are going to be nervous and do your best.

This webpage is designed to help you understand those test nerves. We hope it's useful to you. 
Your Driving Examiner
Driving examiners are employed by the Driving Standards Agency. All examiners are highly trained and regularly supervised to ensure they conduct all tests to the same high standard. 
This means you may have a second, more senior examiner sitting in the back of the car on your test, don't worry this senior examiner won't interfere with the test and is watching your examiner, not you.
Driving examiners are trained to be friendly, help you relax and enable you to drive to the best of your ability.

By far the best way to prepare for your driving test is to ensure you can carry out everything required on the test at a subconscious level, in other words without having to think too much about it.

To understand this fully it helps to understand what those genius scientists call the Four Stages of Learning (see below;) what that means basically is you need to be able to carry out each element of the test without having to think it through in great detail.

When you start thinking things through in too much detail, you slip from a subconscious state to a conscious state, in other words you can become TOO AWARE of what you're trying to do.

This conscious state can lead you to;

** Become far more hesitant
** Make reckless decisions
** Make you forget other important procedures on the test.
** Alter your perception of speed and distance.
** Have physical effects such as making you shaky or feel weak

The secret is DON'T try thinking everything through in great detail, just drive subconsciously as you probably do on your lessons .

                                                                    Test Time

The night before your test everyone will say "don't worry, go to bed early and have a good nights sleep !!" 
Hee hee !!! You must be joking !!! 
Don't expect to go to bed and sleep soundly for eight hours because it probably won't happen. More likely you will lie awake thinking of the impending potential disasters waiting tomorrow on your driving test.
This is because of anxiety which leads to F.E.A.R. -

Forever Expecting Awful Results, or as someone once said at a conference I attended
F*** Everything And R

My personal advice would be, make sure you're properly prepared with sufficient knowledge and driving experience, and don't put yourself under excessive pressure. Lets face it, if you don't pass you can always do it again. Don't think of the driving test as a threat, more an opportunity to show the examiner what a skilled, safe driver you are.

I always tell my pupil's, treat every junction and situation as its own individual little test, and when that little test is done, forget about it and concentrate on the next one.
A frequent reason why people nationally fail the driving test is they'll make a very minor mistake at one road junction, then they're so busy thinking about it they lose concentration and go on to make a huge mistake at the next. If something goes wrong forget about it and concentrate on the situation you're dealing with at the time. Remember it's not your job to decide whether you've passed or failed, don't try doing the examiner's job for him, focus on what you're doing at the time.

The Four Stages of Learning

                                                                                                                    Subconscious Incompetence

                         Conscious Incompetence

                Conscious Competence

                       Subconscious Competence

Subconscious Incompetence: This is the stage when you're not yet interested in driving and you're quite aware that you can't do it yet.

Conscious Incompetence: This is when you first start driving. You want to drive but you can't yet do it unless someone, such as your driving instructor, talks you through exactly what to do.

Conscious Competence: This is where it starts to get interesting, at this stage you pretty much know what to do, but you can only do it if you really concentrate hard, at this point driving will seem really difficult because you still need to learn how to drive naturally without having to think everything through.

Subconscious Competence: This is the stage where you can do it without having to think too much about it. It's coming naturally, this is the stage you should be at when you decide to take your driving test.

The problems start on the test when you try to think yourself through everything too much, you stop driving naturally (at the Subconscious Competence level) and return to the third stage, the Conscious Competence level. Thats where you start making mistakes and it all goes badly wrong.

The secret of course is to drive naturally as you probably do with your driving instructor.