At Saddlers Drive we conduct specialist Recovery Courses, designed for people who may have:

            * Had lessons before but given up
            * Already failed a driving test elsewhere
            * Not driven for a long time

The courses start with an assessment of where you are with your driving. We will tell you exactly what you need to do to pass the test, including a timescale and approximate cost.
Courses available from 6, 9 or 12 hours including the one & a half hour assessment

There is no obligation to take the course following the assessment.
The course can be taken any time up to one month after the assessment

Price Guide

6 hour Course:    Assessment (1.5 hours)            £33
                          The 4.5 hour Course                £97

                                                   Total Cost -   £130 

9 hour Course:    Assessment (1.5 hours)            £33
                          The 7.5 hour Course                £162

                                                   Total Cost -   £195 

12 hour Course    Assessment (1.5 hours)            £33
                          The 10.5 hour Course              £227

                                                   Total Cost -    £260

                                 Telephone 0741 123 0945